Saturday, January 18, 2014

Models Bailing out on Photoshoots

With 30 or so years in the "Biz". I have only become to find (as we call) "Model Flakes" in the last few years since the technology of the internet casting call. Whether they panic, are not real, get a sudden hangover or other sickness, visit suddenly dieing relations, lost their car keys, broken down car, lost their undies, a bad hair day, sudden acne blemish on their face, better paying model job, you get the point. I have the best remedy for this ailing younger society who nonchalantly follow the direction of the wind. First Screw over their Agent !!! I got that covered for the last "Model Flake". As far as the other no shows, The ones with internet profiles; I have blocked from communications with me and my company. I have compiled a Flake list that includes all Models and their Agencies never to work with again. I have deadlines like any other business. Flakes cost me MONEY!!!