Friday, June 12, 2009

Location Photo Shoot Checklist / Photo Permits

This issue rears its ugly head all too often. I once had a very comical satire much better than this one.

Photography in public, How to avoid the hassle of "The Man", Security, Hecklers and other unwanted onlookers.
1)Preliminary reconnaissance, Scouting parties, aerial photos (google maps has satellite photos), be aware of traffic patterns,population and where access and escape routes are located.
2)Never shoot in the same location twice. Unless there is a long time laps between photo shoots.
3)Mission briefing. Fully inform all individuals involved on what needs to be accomplished.
4)Travel light and fast. Never carry more than what you need to get the job done.
5)In and out fast. Don't waist time get the photos you need and leave.
6)If encountered by "The Man", do not jeopardize the photo session claim novice.
7) If captured. Tell them nothing of your purpose. Demand they abide by the Geneva Convention
7)Leave no fallen comrades behind.

I hope this helps. Many of us have been harassed by Police, Security, Hecklers, General Public, and such.
it is our right to practice our artistic expression, hobbies, job, journalism, family photos, tourism ect. Without the harassment of the police, government, security and more world wide.

On a more serious note.


Protect Your Rights!!!

Because of the past events in the UK and London.
Demonstrations, photographers, and Police.


Protect your rights

Each city, state and country have laws regarding film and photography. Even though it is only another way for money hungry governments to make revenue. The average person suffers the crushing financial fist of bureaucracy.

other important links for permits when needed;

National Park Service.

Monmouth County Parks Systems
only 2+ people permits required

NYC Parks


San Francisco

LA Parks Photography & Filming Permits

more to come. BITE THE MAN !!!! Use your First Amendment Rights Whenever Possible.